Welcome to your new virtual server!

If you can view this page, your virtual server is setup and ready to go. Now you can immediately start uploading your web pages to the web server root directory,  "/Htdocs", using either FTP, Microsoft FrontPage, or other supported publishing tools. We always recommend designing your web pages locally on your computer first and then upload or publish the files to your virtual server.

To access your virtual server via HTTP or FTP, use the IP address for your virtual server that was provided to you in the Welcome Message, until your domain name is transferred to Intermedia.NET Name Servers or DNS has propagated.

Please also make sure to look through the Support Web Site for more information on how to use Intermedia.NET web hosting services.

This page (welcome.htm) will stop appearing as soon as you have your own default page up.

Remember: the default page and all web content should go to "/Htdocs" directory that was setup for you on the server.

Need more help? You can visit our Support Web Site, browse and search the Knowledge Base or send email to Intermedia.NET Support.

Intermedia.NET Web Hosting Team